Checklist of pre-requisites:

SSH CVS Maven 1.0+ Java 1.5.0 Libero


Maven 1.0+

Download and follow the installation instructions of Maven


Warning: This section is likely out of date. Libero was used in early versions of Spellcast and may not continue to be used.

Download from

Install Libero.

Update Dialog -> Options -> All Dialogs -> Project Path to include data/ directory (a new schema for java is in this directory).

If on Microsoft Windows platforms then you will need to rename *.java files that are used by libero to be *.jav files. When code generation is completed rename them back to *.java files.

You will need to rename the schema lrschema.jav to lrschema.jav.old in the libero distribution so that the one in spellcast's data/ is used instead.